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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Operations are conducted from our base in Hanmer Springs. 

Our fleet consists of two Heli-Lynx AS350FX2 and one MD520N. The Heli-Lynx AS350FX2 was recently fitted out by Heli-Lynx to upgrade to our requirements. 

All aircraft are fitted with Tracmap GPS systems to provide better navigation performance, particularly in agricultural spraying and topdressing

The AS350 FX2 provides a platform for us to deliver high capacity Charter Services with the aircraft being capable of carrying six passengers comfortably. This aircraft is configured for Corporate Charter. The aircraft also brings increased capacity for heavy lifting. The AS350FX2 has a certified external cargo swing and a useful hook load of up to 950 kgs. 

All aircraft are fitted with Tracplus automated GPS flight following systems that are constantly monitored by Company Flight Following Staff. 


Heli-Lynx Squirrel AS350FX2 

  • Fire Fighting 
  • Fire Lighting
  • 1000 litre cloud burst monsoon bucket with foam injection system
  • 1000 litre freestanding monsoon bucket with foam injection system 
  • Certified External Cargo Swing 
  • 1500 litre mobile tanker 
  • Certified Oceania spray gear with variable rate controller
  • AIMS Weather probe
  • Certified aircraft smoke generator (for determining wind direction) 
  • Useful hook load 950 kgs
  • 650 kgs useful internal load 
  • Certified heavy lifting equipment 
  • Tracmap GPS 
  • TracMap Online
  • VHF FM radio including Fire frequencies & observer remote transmit
  • Concrete / gravel skips 
  • Topdressing bucket 
  • 5 passengers
  • Spreading bucket with retractable legs 
  • Frost fighting 
McDonnell Douglas MD520N
  • VHF FM radio 
  • Internal 440kgs useful load 
  • 500ltr freestanding fire bucket with foam injection system
  • Certified lifting equipment
  • Certified Oceania spray gear 
  • 500 kgs useful hook load 
  • 1500 litre mobile tanker 
  • Tracmap GPS
  • Firelighter
  • 4 passengers 
  • Topdressing bucket 
  • Frost fighting
  • Spreading bucket 
  • Basil Wanding Equipment