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Our AS350 FXII “Squirrel” is equipped with both a 1000ltr collapsible bucket and a 1000ltr cloudburst bucket. Both buckets are equipped with Class A foam injection systems that have adjustable flow rates depending on the fire ground requirements. Both buckets can be carried inside the helicopter for a rapid response time.

All pilots are experienced in firefighting operations, qualify as lead pilots and hold NZQA3285 and NZQA14564 qualifications. Amuri Helicopters is a FENZ accredited operator.

Our phones and aircraft are manned 24/7. Our 24/7 number is 0800 888 308

Ground support

Helicopter deployment is backed up by our ground support unit which can carry 3200lts of Jet fuel. This unit is equipped with FM and VHF communications to communicate with the helicopter and fire crew.

All our ground staff hold the NZQA3285 Ground Fire Crew standard, Workplace First Aid and Dangerous Goods certificates.

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