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Wilding Pine Control

Wilding Pine Control

Wilding Pines (Wilding Conifers) are a significant threat to New Zealand's natural landscape. These trees are prolific self-seeders. If left untreated Wilding Pines will significantly impact New Zealand's landscape and farm productivity.

Basal Wanding (ABBA)

Wanding helicopters are equipped with wanding equipment for spot treating scattered trees (stems smaller than 30cm) with Basal Xtree. Wanding is an effective way to quickly cover country that is difficult to access.

From the helicopter, trees can easily be spotted by a trained crew with the benefit of a comprehensive simultaneous survey carried out during the operation.

All treated trees are marked with a GPS waypoint along with a track log to show comprehensive coverage of the area. This data is supplied to the client and overlaid to Google Earth free of charge as a record of the control work.

Skid Hopping

For larger trees where chemical is less effective a “skid hopping” crew felling trees can be more cost effective. We have appropriately trained and qualified “skid hoppers” who we are able to locate with the helicopter in to areas with larger scattered trees. This method saves a lot of time and is safer than walking across rough terrain.

Our “skid hoppers” all hold the appropriate chainsaw and forestry certificates for this type of operation.

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