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Hanmer Springs Helicopters specialises in all types of commercial and industrial heavy lifting. 

Our new, powerful, reliable, low fuel-burning and highly maneuverable Squirrel helicopter, flown by highly experienced pilots is an excellent combination for precise heavy-lift operations. Difficult missions such as back-country fire lighting or firefighting, heli-logging and thinning, as well as precise construction lift work are no problem. With many hours of heavy-lift experience, our pilots have not only a “can do” approach, they always perform to the highest safety standards. 

Our Heli-Lynx AS350 FX2 has a useful load capacity of up to 950 kgs

Heli-Lynx AS350FX2: 

  • Strops
  • Slings
  • Cargo nets
  • Concrete / gravel skips
  • Collapsible fire buckets for monsoon work
  • Foam dispensing unit
  • Fire lighter
  • Long lines and strops

The Heli-Lynx AS350 FX2 is a modern powerful helicopter with powerful performance suited to heavy-lift operations. See the performance comparison between the AS350FX2 and the AS350B2, its nearest rival. 

Services we provide: 

  • Construction materials and machinery
  • Pole and tower placement
  • Fire lighting
  • Tree removal
  • Fencing materials
  • Aerial concrete pours
  • Cell tower placement
  • Transmission and power pole placement and transformer removal
  • Debris removal
  • Pipeline placement
  • Long line work
  • Cable stringing
  • Lifting of air conditioning units onto buildings
  • Sign and promotional placement
  • Water tank positioning and placement
  • Housing frame loads and roof positioning
  • Positioning anything from the air that meets our requirements
  • We are able to do precise and close work requiring the greatest level of maneuverability and skill. Our machines are workhorses, able to cope with long hours of work

If you need advice or would like to discuss your heavy lifting needs, contact us now.

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