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Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

At Hanmer Helicopters we are dedicated to creating an experience for you which is as safe as possible. We make our Health and Safety Policy public so that customers can feel confidence in our services and procedures. 

Hanmer Springs Helicopters is committed to achieving the highest levels of health and safety in our workplaces. We continue to strive to eliminate all factors that contribute to the injury or illness of our staff, clients, or to the communities and environment we operate in. 


  • Striving to prevent all accidents or incidents
  • Systematically identifying existing and new hazards as they arise
  • Ensuring all personnel are properly trained, and supervised where appropriate
  • Establishing a culture of active participation where all personnel are responsible for health and safety
  • Integrating health and safety objectives and outcomes into all business planning
  • Making all necessary resources available and provide for emergency situations
  • Regularly monitoring performance to identify improvements and implementing these improvements
  • Recording and investigating accidents and incidents

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