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St James Station

St James Station

St James Station is one of the old farming runs that form part of New Zealand’s history. The Government purchased the 78,196 ha St James Station (St James) as public conservation land on 8 October 2008. The St James offers a great range of recreation opportunities for a wide range of interests and abilities. Within the area are eleven different tramping routes, good mountain-biking, fishing, kayaking, horse-riding, and hunting opportunities.

Please refer to the Department of Conservation website for more information.

The St James horses are also a popular attraction. They gather around the Ada Valley along the river flats mixing with the cattle and paradise shelducks. They seem quite undisturbed by the interest shown them by passing trampers.

The St James Station also provides excellent game hunting including red deer, wild boar and a range of game birds such as Canada geese, paradise shelducks. Lakes, such as Guyon and Tennyson and rivers such as Waiau and Clarence provide good fishing. 

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The popular St James Walkway takes its name from the station. 

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