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Game Hunting Near Hanmer

Game Hunting Near Hanmer Springs

New Zealand is the game hunter's paradise, and hunting opportunities abound, especially in the high-country near the Southern Alps of the South Island. 

Many species of game animals and waterfowl were introduced into New Zealand in the mid-1800s to early 1900s, and so successfully adapted to the conditions that many are now considered pests and a danger to the environment. For that reason, recreational hunting is encouraged. 

New Zealand is popular with overseas hunters and fishermen for the quality of the trophy prizes. The North Canterbury region of the South Island abounds in both small and large game animals, and waterfowl and game birds. Hunters are often rewarded with prize trophies, particularly chamois and also red stags

Chamois have spread along the Southern Alps and are usually found above the bush line around 1500 metres (4600 ft). Red deer are usually not too far away from the shelter of the bush line, and usually found in the heavy bush clad valley floors. In the bush clad foothills and tussock wild boar and goats can be hunted. 

Waterfowl and other gaming birds abound in the region. Canada geese, mallard and paradise ducks, and several other varieties of bird are both plentiful and popular with the duck shooter. 

Most hunting is conducted in New Zealand’s National and Forest Parks

A lot of the best hunting, especially for trophies, is done in the high country in inaccessible places. Hanmer Springs Helicopters staff has expert experience in the region and knows just the right areas for the best hunting. We are also able to provide a guide to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information. 

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