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Hunting Sports Around Hanmer Springs

Hunting Sports Around Hanmer Springs

The Hanmer Springs, North Canterbury and Upper South Island provide an excellent variety of recreational and trophy hunting opportunities. 

Chamois | Red Stag | Canada geese | Wild Pig

Most hunting is done on public conservation land. DOC administers these blocks which require a permit from them in order to hunt. Hanmer Springs Helicopters, also tradng as Amuri Helicopters, has an access concession for DOC lands including St James Station. 

These areas offer an excellent range of wild species including red deer, chamois, wild pigs, Canadian geese, ducks, trout and salmon. You can book now through our online form. 

Popular Locations include:

- St James Station
- Clarence Reserve
- Lake Sumner Forest area
- Lewis Pass region
- Hanmer Springs range

Hanmer Springs Helicopters can assist you in locating the best block for your particular hunting needs. We have 25 years hunting experience in the region and can offer you expert advice. Contact us to discuss your needs today! 

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